Investment Advice

Coastal Wealth Advisors is a Charleston, South Carolina Registered Investment Advisor who provides investment advice to families, small businesses, high net-worth individuals, and charitable organizations. In fact, providing sound investment advice remains the cornerstone of our business.

Our investment philosophy at Coastal Wealth Advisors is deeply rooted in academic research using empirical evidence. We firmly believe that markets work – that is, market prices reflect all available information and expectations of the future. And diversification — defined as spreading the risks of investing across multiple mediums — matters over the long-term.

We built Coastal Wealth Advisors with the goal to understand your personal financial situation, appetite for risk, and what you want your portfolio to accomplish before we make any investment advice recommendations. As fiduciaries, we are legally required to make investment advice recommendations that are in your best interests, regardless of our own. Why should there be any other way? This means we strive to create portfolios that are evidence based, low-cost, efficient, tax-managed when appropriate, and fit your long-term financial goals. Guided by this perspective, our approach looks to academic research to gain insight into dimensions that drive higher expected returns, then integrates this knowledge into strategies designed and implemented to add value to your portfolio needs and financial lifestyle.

Capital markets are volatile; risk and return are inseparable. Having a deep, evidence-based, knowledge of the relationships between portfolio design and behavioral finance is critical to a successful investment strategy and client experience. We believe success can be achieved in implementation, consistent monitoring, and independent, objective guidance through all market conditions.

Our Investment Advice Promise:
  • A thorough understanding and documentation of your financial life and your needs before any investment advice recommendations
  • A disciplined approach to investment strategies designed to ignore destructive emotional responses
  • Consistent and proactive investment advice where and when you need it
  • Complete fee transparency
Let’s start your path towards a more purposely designed investment advice strategy guided by academic research.

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