Financial Planning Process

Our office is conveniently located in beautiful Johns Island, SC. But just because we’re located here, doesn’t mean you have to be. We work with clients in a dozen different states through a combination of face-to-face and web-based consultations. Don’t worry, we’ll happily come to you. Or better yet, come to us and then hit the beach. It’ll be a vacation for you and your finances.

We utilize a four step Financial Planning Process.


Our initial consultation is always free. Here we discuss your uniqueness, the financial problems you’re facing, and what we may be able to do to solve them. We’ll uncover your risk tolerance, agree on recommended services, set your expectations on what we will be doing, and learn what we’ll need from you. If you decide to move forward, there’s minor paperwork to complete.


Here’s where the fun begins as we get to work. We’ll begin to build you a budget to determine how you’re currently managing your money. We’ll then analyze your savings habits and how they affect the financial goals we discussed in step one. We’ll naturally have questions along the way that need your input and we’ll be sure to keep you posted via email, phone, or text message – your preference.


Once the agreed-upon services are complete, we compile all of our recommendations in an easy-to-read and understand financial report.  We’ll have another consultation to discuss these results. If the recommendations include us implementing an investment strategy, we’ll coordinate all of the paperwork and account transfers. You simply read, review, and sign; we’ll do the rest.


The final step in the process and the most important step is ongoing management and review. We monitor your accounts consistently throughout the trading day and keep you up-to-date on necessary adjustments. We’ll meet up for periodic reviews at least annually, or as often/as little as you’d like. Each of these reviews gives us the opportunity to gauge where you stand and how the movements of the markets are affecting your long-term financial plan. We’re big fans of a what’s the bottom-line approach and we’ll be sure to make minor tweaks along the way if/when necessary. We’re committed to ensuring the financial plans and investment strategies we put together for you fit your lifestyle and are just as unique as you are. Afterall, who wants a financial plan or investment strategy that one can’t follow?

Our Promises

We promise to never treat you like a number.
We promise a no-judgment environment.
We promise to return phone calls, emails, and texts with quick efficiency.
We promise that you’ll never feel small with us.

Our Services

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